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Body Threading

Enhance your natural beauty

Body Threading

Make your skin radiant and clear

Say no to heat, tug and pull on the skin by waxing. And YES to the 100% organic hair removal technique.
Threading has been used as a hair removal technique, its roots can be traced back centuries in Iran, India and Central Asia. It now has gained a lot of demand in Western countries.

In body threading, we tend to parts of the body like face, hand, and legs. Body threading is hands down the safest method to instantly get rid of unwanted hair. The method involves no chemical and neither any equipment. Unlike Waxing, where the wax is heated and then pulled off your skin.

An antibacterial cotton thread is twisted and rolled over the skin surface to remove hair from the hair follicle. This method uproots each hair quickly, even the peach fuzz.

Your skin may experience some redness, which subsides after an hour. You can also use an ice pack to soothe the skin.

After one session you can be worry-free for 3 weeks or more, depending on an individual’s hair growth. BrowArt is a one-stop threading solution for unwanted, coarse and dense hair growth.

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