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Facial Threading

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Facial Threading

Beautiful Skin is a Constant Process

Get rid of peach fuzz & stubborn hair. Facial threading removes all the hair and instantly makes you a shade lighter.

The skin on your face is sensitive and thinner relative to the skin on hands or legs. Waxing exposes your face skin to heat and open pores that can cause pimples. And using waxing over an interminable period can cause premature sagging skin.

Threading is a natural way of removing facial hair, and the only tool used is an antibacterial 100% cotton thread. The beauticians roll it over areas of unwanted hair; it plucks the hair at the follicle level. It is known to have originated from Iran, India, Central Asia and China.

Facial threading covers all the problem areas of the face such as the forehead, eyebrows, upper lips, sideburns, forehead, and chin. It leaves your face cleaner, brighter & flawless.

Well-trained aestheticians at BrowArt23, know the care each skin type needs and are gentle while performing sensitive functions like facial threading. We invite you to come and experience the care you deserve.

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